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Vaping Glossary

Analog Cigarettes: used to refer to traditional cigarettes.

Atomizer: Electronic component that turns the e-liquid contained within the e-cigarette into vapour.

Atty: Abbreviation for atomizer.

Bottom Coil Clearomizer (BCC): A clearomiser where the atomizer and heating coil is located at the bottom of the clearomizer. Usually also filled from the bottom end of the clearomizer rather than from the top.

Bottom Dual Coil Clearomizer (BDC): A bottom coil clearomizer with two coils. Provides more vapour and a stronger throat hit, but uses up batteries quicker than a single coil clearomizer.

Bottom Vertical Coil Clearomizer (BVC): A bottom coil clearomiser with a single coil in vertical configuration. Available in clearomisers such as the Aspire Atlantis and Aspire Nautilus Mini.

Cartomizer: A combined cartridge and atomizer. Sometimes used to refer to a disposable electronic cigarette.

Carts: Abbreviation of cartridges, which contain the e-liquid which produces the vapour of an electronic cigarette.

Cigalike: An electronic cigarette that closely resembles a tobacco cigarette.

Clearomizer: A combined cartridge and atomizer with a clear tube, which allow the user to see how much e-liquid remains in the cartridge.

Coil: The coil is heated up by the battery. The actual coil itself is just small wire wrapped around a wick.

Disposable E-Cigarette: Designed to be thrown away after it stops producing vapour.

Doubler/Double Strength: A doubler is a double-strength concentrated e-liquid designed to be diluted with additional VG, PG and nicotine. Check out our handy e-juice calculator if you need help mixing. Our double strength e-juices are ready to vape, and can be used exactly as they are, however they will have a strong flavour if not diluted. If diluted they can make up to double the quantity of juice.

Dripping: Refers to dripping a drop of e-juice directly on to an atomizer prior to vaping.

Drip tips: Were originally used to refer to a device used to drip several drops of e-liquid directly onto an atomizer. Now sometimes used to refer to the mouthpiece of an electronic cigarette device.

Electronic Cigar: Similar to the electronic cigarette but with a cigar style and flavour.

Electronic Cigarette: An electronic device that vaporises e-liquid which is then inhaled as vapour. Also known as the E-Cigarette, E-Cig and even the E-Ciggy.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits: Complete kits which normally contain batteries, atomizers, chargers, a manual and clearomizers.

E-juice: Liquid solution for the electronic cigarette. Check out our range here.

E-liquid: Liquid solution for the electronic cigarette. Check out our range here.

ENDs: Electronic Nicotine Devices, another term for electronic cigarettes. Frequently used in scientific papers on e-cigarettes. Some vapers like the term as it suggests the END of smoking.

E-Pipe: Similar to the electronic cigarette but with a Pipe style and flavour.

E-Smoking: Vaping with an electronic cigarette.

Flooding: Occurs when e-juice floods into the atomizer.

LED: The light at the end of the device or on the button of a device (light emitting diode). This lights up when the user inhales, resembling an analog. Depending on the model, the LED may convey information to the user about the battery, i.e. flashing when the battery is running out or glowing green to show it is fully charged.

Mod: Name for an electronic cigarette which has been modified into a unique design.

Mouthpiece: replaces the butt of an analog.

Ohms: Used to measure the resistance of heating coils in atomizers.

Pen-Style: A particular style of electronic cigarette, known for its resemblance to a ball point pen.

Pass-through: A device that plugs directly into a computer or USB charger so that users can vape while their electronic cigarette device is charging.

Propylene Glycol: A colourless liquid that is used in e-liquid. The liquid has been extensively tested for safety.

Personal Vaporiser (or PV): An alternative name for the electronic cigarette.

Resistance: Refers to the resistance of the coil in the atomizer (measured in Ohms). A lower resistance produces more heat and vapour.

Smoke-juice: Another phrase for E-juice.

Smokeless Cigarette: Alternative phrase for electronic cigarette. Not commonly used by vapers, but often used in media stories about electronic cigarettes.

Throat Hit: The definition seems to vary according to the vaper, but essentially the feeling when the vapour hits your throat. Positive reviews of electronic cigarettes often mention a good “Throat hit.”

THR: Tobacco Harm Reduction: Much of the scientific support for the electronic cigarette has come from scientists involved in tobacco harm reduction.

Topping: Topping up a cartridge with e-juice. Also known as topping off.

Wick: A small piece of fabric or cotton which is found in the coil, and which holds the e-juice.

Vape: To inhale vapour with an electronic cigarette.

Vaper: A person who vapes (uses an electronic cigarette).

Vaping: The habit/pastime of using electronic cigarettes.

Vaper’s Tongue: Refers to a loss of taste, from suddenly going off a flavour to losing all taste for flavours.

Vooping: Vaping on the loo

VG: Vegetable Glycerine: Vegetable glycerine is a clear, colourless, odourless but very sweet liquid used as an alternative or in conjunction with propylene glycol to make e-liquid.

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