CE6 X Replacement Coils

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  • CE6 X Replacement Coils

CE5/CE6 X (Dual Coil) Clearomizer Replacement Coils (5 pack)

  • 1.5Ω Resistance
  • Dual Coil and Wick
  • Long Wicks
  • 5 piece blister pack
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These are replacement coils for the CE6 and CE6-X clearomizers. They feature dual wicks and coils for maximum flavour, amazing vapour production and the ultimate vaping experience. Replace your current coil with these and you’ll notice the difference in the amount of flavour and vapour you’ll get! Having a few of these is crucial and will save you having to purchase a new clearomizer. Simply replace and vape! Enjoy.
These units are sold in a 5 piece blister pack.

  • 1.5Ω Resistance
  • Dual Coil and Wick
  • Long Wicks (Can be cut down if preferred)
  • 5 piece blister pack


To Replace the Coil Head

  • Unscrew the tube from the clearomizer base
  • Unscrew the old coil head
  • Screw on the new coil head
  • Screw the tube back onto the base of the CE6 clearomiser


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