The Benefits of an Electronic Cigarette

Welcome to Ecig Life Australia. We provide Australia with some of the best electronic cigarette devices, accessories, brands and e-liquid available. We source the highest quality products and sell them direct to you for the lowest prices. We truly want you to enjoy your experience with our high quality electronic cigarettes and e-liquid.

No Offensive Odours

Ecig Life electronic cigarettes allow you to enjoy the vaping experience without the smell, and horrible cigarette breath. Our electronic cigarette systems and starter kits allow you to change flavours depending on your mood and do not emit offensive odours. You don’t have to go outside to smoke and your friends and family won’t complain about the smell. E-cigarettes can be reused and filled with e-liquid time and time again.

Easy to Use

We offer electronic cigarette starter kits which contain everything you need to get started right away. Electronic cigarettes do not require a lighter or ashtray, so say goodbye to smelly ash trays and the risk of fire.

Save Money with an Electronic Cigarette

Traditional cigarettes and tobacco costs an average of $15-$35 per packet. One electronic cigarette clearomizer (1.6ml) filled with e-liquid costs approximately $2. You will be surprised at not only how much you actually spend on tobacco cigarettes, but how much you could save by switching to a high quality electronic cigarette.


Smoking Kills

When smoking traditional cigarettes you inhale over 4000 harmful chemicals many of which are known carcinogens, not to mention the horrible odours, fire danger, stained teeth and many other health risks.

E-Liquid Flavour

Enjoy premium quality and rich tasting e-liquid. Taste is extremely important and the first sense to be heightened when vaping. We have an amazing range of flavours that will exceed your expectations and please even the most discerning electronic cigarette connoisseur.

Vapour – Not Smoke

Vapour production plays an important role in e-liquid. When it comes to vapour production e-cigarette users want a thick, full and dense vapour. All of the e-liquid brands that we carry have been developed to do just that, provide an impressive flavour with thick and rich vapour that is consistent throughout all of their flavours.

What is E-Liquid?

E-liquid also known as E-juice is made specifically for an e-cigarette. These liquids are a solution of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and food flavouring.

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