How to use an Electronic Cigarette

For people that are new to the electronic cigarettes, sometimes learning how to use them can be difficult. Especially if you have been used to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes for a long period of time. You may even get frustrated when first trying to use an electronic cigarette. Some people may even get discouraged to the point that they would like to resort back to traditional tobacco cigarettes, this is not the solution. We have put together some helpful tips for people that are new to the e-cigarette world, to ensure that you get the best out of your new purchase.

Some people are under the impression that you use an electronic cigarette the same way as you would smoke a traditional tobacco cigarette, and just can’t understand why vaping is different than smoking. Some electronic cigarettes are made to look like traditional cigarettes for the mental comfort of “having a ciggy in your hand” other e-cigarettes look more like a pen and are generally more effective than the cigarette looking devices. The components in an electronic cigarette are different to that of a traditional cigarette so therefore they need to be used in a different way. If you find yourself using your e-cigarette the way you smoke a traditional cigarette, you are doing this wrong.

Basic steps to using an Electronic Cigarette:

  • 1. Ensure that the wicks inside the clearomizer are always moist with e-liquid otherwise you will get a dry taste when inhaling.
  • 2. Do not draw the vapour directly into your lungs as you would a traditional tobacco cigarette. Instead, draw it into your mouth (use your cheeks as a vacuum – similar to when you are drinking a thick shake through a straw). If you have ever smoked a cigar – the concept is similar.
  • 3. After drawing the vapour into your mouth, inhale into the lungs (if desired) and exhale through your mouth or nose.
  • 4. When drawing the vapour into your mouth, make sure you do this slow and steady. Pulling hard as you would on a traditional cigarette can cause the heater coil inside the device to malfunction. The heater coil works when air is gently drawn across it so remember to draw back slowly. Pulling hard may also cause the liquid to be drawn directly into your mouth.

This method is very easy to get used to and using this inhalation method will ensure that you enjoy and benefit from your electronic cigarette.

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The Electronic Cigarette & E-Liquid: For Smokers Only 18+

Non smokers should stay away from the electronic cigarette as it is only intended as an alternative for tobacco cigarette smokers. We are not promoting e-cigarettes to non smokers or anyone under the age of 18. We only intend to provide an alternative for tobacco smokers 18+ that are trying to quit smoking and have tried other solutions without any success.