How To Clean & Maintain Your Electronic Cigarette

It is very important to clean and maintain your electronic cigarette to ensure maximum performance and a longer life. The electronic cigarette battery and clearomizer should be cleaned periodically depending on how often you use the electronic cigarette. Generally once a week will do the trick.

Cleaning the Electronic Cigarette Battery

The battery is a a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that should be cleaned, this is a very simple procedure. All you need to do is remove the clearomizer/atomizer from the electronic cigarette battery and clean the main contact area. You can use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to do this. This area of the battery generally gets a build up of e-liquid residue. Ensure the battery is dry before replacing the clearomizer/atomizer on the electronic cigarette.

To preserve the charging capacity and lifespan of your electronic cigarette battery, good practice is to use the device until the battery is completely empty. This can help to lengthen the number of charges your e-cig battery will take. If you regularly clean and charge the battery properly it can last for up to 350 charges.

Cleaning the Electronic Cigarette Charger

Another good thing to do is clean the electronic cigarette charger the same way that you cleaned the battery. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol and clean the contact area where you attach or screw in the battery. Its always a good idea to clean and maintain it as often as you clean and maintain the battery. A good indication that it’s time for a new charger is when the light on the charger does not turn red when a flat battery is attached to it.

Cleaning the Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer

These days almost all clearomizers have replaceable coils. We recommend having plenty of back up coils to replace the coil once your clearomizer stops performing. You should change your coil once every 1-2 weeks. You will know when to change your coil as your device will stop producing vapour and you will notice a lack of flavour from your juice.

To clean a repairable clearomizer unscrew the base of the unit and slide off the clear tube to give you access to the atomizer and inside of the unit. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe away any excess e-liquid residue, rinse with water, leave to dry and then re-use.
You can also fill the clearomizer up with alcohol and let it sit for 20 minutes before shaking aggressively for a few minutes, this should remove excess residue. After this is complete dispose of the remaining alcohol down the sink, rinse thoroughly with water and then let the clearomizer dry overnight. Ensure the clearomizer is dry before reusing. For a serious clean take the clearomizer apart, soak in alcohol for 30 minutes, then leave to soak in water and dish washing liquid overnight, rinse thoroughly and leave to dry before reusing.

Try and get into the habit of properly cleaning and maintaining all parts of your electronic cigarette to ensure a longer life and optimum performance.