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El Toro Puros Dark by House of Liquid

El Toro Puros Dark is the latest e-liquid flavour to be released by House of Liquid. This amazing flavour adds on the already well established and popular El Toro Puros Naturalles with notes of chocolate and coffee. It is pure and raw, with bags of character. This e-liquid is not as aggressive to coils and atomizers as other El Toro juices allowing it to be used all day and night. Its dryness makes it a perfect companion for food, alcohol, and fine coffees. This e-liquid is yet another winner from House of Liquid. Puros Dark offers a superb flavour that just like the rest of the El Toro range, is very close to the real experience. Once opened you will be engaged by the gentle and extremely pleasant authentic tobacco aroma that will drive your thoughts to an old fashion tobacconist. The gorgeous coffee and chocolate undertones mixed with the exquisite raw tobacco flavour provide an exquisite and highly sophisticated taste that is not to be missed.

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