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El Toro has finally Arrived in Australia!

El Toro in Australia

All of you El Toro fans will be glad to know that the cult e-liquid has finally hit the shores of Australia. We are stocked up with Europe’s finest E-Liquid “El Toro” and units are flying out the door so get in quick! El Toro redefines the standards for e-liquids!
When it comes to natural extracts and natural tobacco e-liquids, El Toro is arguably the most famous name in Europe, many might say the only name. The Cuban El Toro line is increasingly attracting the interest of vapers all over the world. El Toro as I’m sure you know have a unique method of making their e-liquids, made using natural tobacco leaves, they utilise a steeping method which gives all of their flavours a rich and robust taste which is sure to impress any tobacco connoisseur. By steeping premium quality organic tobacco means the leaves haven’t been contaminated with herbicides and pesticides, which is important for liquids that are steeped. All of the El Toro flavours have an amazing aroma and provide a sense of satisfaction, you can really taste the quality. With such a complex array of tastes, we are sure that everyone is going to get something slightly different out of these juices. And believe me, there’s a lot of flavour to enjoy.

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  1. eciguser 02/07/2013 at 9:54 am

    the only juice that truly satisfies the cravings, true tobacco taste, the most authentic analog replacement, the only negative is that it seems to work the hardware a lot harder, not sure if its the steeping process, or its just a thicker liquid or what, but the gear struggles to burn this stuff, but when it burns right, it is the absolute best juice out there.

    papillon organic tobacco is also naturally steeped but performs almost as well as any other juice, and tastes phenomenal

    look out for the el toro “Cellar Range” coming soon, I can’t wait

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