House of Liquid Premium E-Liquid

El Toro Premium E-Liquid

House of Liquid


House of Liquid produce undoubtedly some of the best e-liquids in the world and they are now available at Ecig Life. Make sure you also visit the official House of Liquid Australia website.

El Toro E-Liquid

El Toro is not simply another e-liquid brand. Purity, originality, and an extraordinary number of passionate supporters have made El Toro a vaping cult!
El Toro are using exquisite tobacco leaves from around the world to naturally essence their e-liquids. The result is an amazing dry tobacco flavour, delightful aromas and distinctive undertones that match the individual character of each tobacco variety used in the e-liquid. If you are a real tobacco lover, this is your brand. Extremely addictive with no sugars, nicotine or artificial essences. This is pure tobacco as close to the real thing as it gets.
The extraordinary production method together with the superior quality materials used, have established the El Toro brand as a vaping cult while their e-liquids are considered throughout Europe as the most authentic and realistic tobacco e-liquids available today!

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House of Liquid - Papillon Organic

Papillon Organic E-Liquid

Superior quality liquids made with certified organic extracts. Papillon Organic produces undoubtedly some of the best e-liquids in the world. Superb tastes, exquisite aromas and extraordinary quality. Using only certified organic flavoring and Pharmaceutical Grade VG/PG base, every taste is an absolute delight. Simply fabulous!

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eBaron Lab Premium E-Liquid

eBaron Lab E-Liquid

The new e-liquid range that will become the most successful House of Liquid range.  eBaron Lab have designed this range for the every day vaper, every flavour is absolutely superb. Made in Europe with the highest quality ingredients, 100% Natural Extracts & Flavours and USP Grade Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin.

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House of Liquid - The Cellar

The Cellar E-Liquid

Because taste is subjective but quality is not….
The Cellar are strong liquid tobaccos made using some of the most desirable tobaccos from around the world and matured for 30 days in old oak barrels used for the production of fine liquors.
The whole range is created for advanced users and true tobacco lovers. These liquids are a real treat, from the materials used to the ancient production method. Like all great cigars and fine liquors would be appreciated by people that have reached a certain level of testing and experience, in this case to vaping.