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E-Liquid Flavour Picks

As I’m sure you already know, the liquid used in the electronic cigarette is known as e-liquid, smoke juice or e-juice. One thing that is obvious is that e-liquid and the electronic cigarette/personal vapourisers are becoming more and more popular because of the great range of e-liquid flavours that are readily available. The hype surrounding e-liquid is related to the great quality e-liquid products that come from companies such as House of Liquid, Halo, Virgin Vapor and Artistry Extracts to name a few.
People are opening up to the world of e-liquid and electronic cigarettes because there are just so many great e-liquid flavours and manufacturers out there. Today, we’ll touch on some great tobacco e-liquid flavours which we thoroughly enjoy and play an important role in producing an amazing taste when vaped with an electronic cigarette or personal vapouriser.

El Toro Cigarrillos: The first and original El Toro taste. Made with selected Cuban tobacco leaves of extraordinary quality and aroma. The variety is distinctive for earthy, nutty undertones. This is the one you’ve been searching for. Not to sweet and a great tobacco taste.

Tobacco Lounge Classic: A flavourful boutique style tobacco e-liquid made with the choicest ingredients. A rich, smoky and wonderful vape that is full of flavour.

The Cellar Minotaur: Created using a similar recipe and tobaccos to El Toro Cigarillos, this e-liquid is red in colour and acidic like the great Bull’s blood. Minotaur is a complex and sophisticated vape. Mighty strong, full body taste, and extremely addictive, this juice is matured for no less than 30 days in a new oak barrel. A sleek, fine e-liquid with serious temper and attitude. Minotaur itself provides an intensely satisfying experience that should be savoured.

Artistry Extracts Tobacco Macchiato: Coffee and tobacco go hand in hand and they are blended to perfection in this exquisite e-juice flavour. A rich natural coffee taste, with a smoky, but subtle tobacco base. This is perfect as an all day vape.

Halo Tribeca: Halo Tribeca is an ultra-smooth new Tobacco e-liquid with a fantastic flavour all its own. Tribeca has definitive tobacco undertones with a semi-sweet top note that is reminiscent of RY4 and other treasured tobacco blends. Tribeca delivers a solid throat hit and excellent vapor production.

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