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Welcome to Ecig Life! We are Australia’s official and authorised reseller of some of the best e-liquid brands in the world. Here at Ecig Life Australia you will find premium e-liquid brands and many of your favourite e-liquid flavours. Whether you want traditional tobacco flavours, or your taste buds prefer something sweeter, we have the e-liquid you’re looking for. Our amazing range of e-liquid will exceed your expectations and please even the most discerning vaper. They produce thick clouds of vapour and offer pure, rich and robust flavours to give you the most enjoyable vaping experience. Now you really can have it all: Amazing taste, convenience and quality. Get started today and enjoy the benefits of our premium e-liquid flavours.

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What’s E-Liquid?

E-liquid also known as E-juice is made for use in an electronic cigarette device. These liquids are made from a solution of Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, and food flavouring. They are contained in the form of a bottle (10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, 120ml) which are used for filling tanks and clearomizers. When heated by the atomizer in an e-cigarette, the e-liquid produces a vapour. Ecig Life offers Australia’s largest range of high quality e-liquid flavours.

What’s Naturally flavoured E-Liquid?

Naturally flavoured e-liquid is made with Natural flavour extracts, PG and VG. The outcome is a pure and premium tasting juice. All of the e-liquid flavours we stock are sourced from some of the best manufacturers in the world. These e-liquid flavours are delicious, full-bodied and extremely tasty.

The largest range of Premium E-Liquid Australia has to offer

Ecig Life offers some of the best e-juice available, made with high quality ingredients. We are committed to our customers, we believe that taste is extremely important and is the first sense to be heightened when using e-liquid with an electronic cigarette. We have an amazing range of premium rich tasting flavours that we are sure all vapers will love.

Expense & Saving

You will be surprised at not only how much you actually spend on tobacco cigarettes, but how much you could save by switching to an electronic cigarette. A pack a day smoker can save over thousands per year by using an electronic cigarette. The initial investment for an electronic cigarette starter kit is minimal in comparison to the amount of money you could save.

Vapour Production

Vapour production plays an important role in e-liquid. When it comes to vapour production electronic cigarette users want a thick, full and dense vapour. The amazing range of e-liquid products we offer have been developed to do just that, provide an impressive thick and rich vapour that is consistent throughout all of the products we sell.

DIY E-Liquid

We offer VG and PG base for DIY enthusiasts. These high quality bases can be mixed with flavour concentrates in different strengths to suit your preferred taste. You should never mix in large quantities unless you know for certain that you’re going to like the end result. It’s much safer to mix small batches, that way if something goes wrong, you can strengthen it with a few more drops of flavour concentrate.
To make your own electronic cigarette e-liquid, you will require the following:
1. E-Liquid Base (such as Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). You need to have ‘Food Grade’ Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG).
2. E-Liquid Flavour Concentrate. You must have ‘Food Grade’, high temperature resistance and water soluble flavorings. Other flavour concentrates which have only room temperature resistance and contain oil or sugar are not suitable for using in an electronic cigarette.
3. Distilled Water (This is optional, you may want to add this if your e-liquid is too thick.) We suggest that you don’t use tap water as it contains too many chemicals.

Use 70-80% Base
Use 10-30% Flavour Concentrate
Use 10% Distilled Water (Optional)

PG or VG: Which is better?

PG or VGThere are many different opinions about PG and VG e-liquid. Some companies push VG over PG mostly due to the fact that VG is a vegetable grade product which some believe is safer. Both PG and VG are equally safe and there is more information regarding vaporised PG than there is on vaporised VG. For years, we have been breathing vapourised PG at events, concerts and in clubs where a smoke machine is being used. There has never been any health hazards or banning of smoke machines. Vaporized VG is new, so at this stage there is more research on the safety of PG over VG.
PG is thinner and some say it adds a better flavour to the e-liquid. VG is thicker and adds more vapour, but some feel that it can reduce the taste and throat hit of the e-liquid. The ideal e-liquid will contain both PG and VG base to provide a great taste, thick vapour production and a nice throat hit.

Due to its excellent stability, propylene glycol is used as a moisturiser in food, medicines, toothpaste and cosmetics. In addition to its use as a carrier in E-liquid, PG is also added to pipe tobacco to preserve moisture. Additionally, propylene glycol is used in products with flavourings due to its ability to compound citrus or other emulsified flavours often added to E-liquid.

According to Dow Chemical Company, manufacturer and distributor of propylene glycol, because of its low oral toxicity, propylene glycol is considered safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as a direct food additive and for use as a carrier in pharmaceuticals. With a shelf life of two years, stored below 104 degrees, propylene glycol should be kept in a closed container out of direct contact with ultraviolet light. Some people have been known to have an allergic reaction to PG, in this case they would use a VG based e-liquid.
Vegetable glycerin, or vegetable glycerol, is a plant-based carbohydrate used as a base, moisturiser or carrier in common food and health products such as cake mix, toothpaste, and gel capsules. When used in E-liquid, vegetable glycerin produces vapour that mimics the appearance of smoke as it is exhaled. Vegetable glycerin is sometimes preferred over propylene glycol because of its increased vapour production. The safety of vegetable glycerin is virtually undisputed. According to studies in the United States and Canada, VG is hypo-allergenic and non-carcinogenic. VG has low potential to irritate eyes or other mucus membranes and is not known to cause skin reactions. When skin irritation does occur, it is usually due to skin coming into contact with high concentrations of vegetable glycerin not used in E-liquid products. VG is metabolised easily by the body and produces very low toxicity when inhaled or ingested. One of the common side effects reported from use of VG in E-liquid, is mild sore throat and dry mouth. Increasing water intake usually alleviates side effects.

Ultimately, whether to use a PG or VG-based E-liquid comes down to individual user preference.

Flavour Concentrates

Thanks to our amazing partners overseas we are able to provide a fantastic range of flavour concentrates that are sure to impress. All of these flavour concentrates have been developed using only the best ingredients and following strict guidelines.